Welcome to The Hackney Hive, your partner for profitability, influence and growth.

realistic business goals can sometimes feel like a jumbled mess – need to know where to start exactly? We can work with you to review where you are now and develop an achievable business growth strategy which clearly links to your personal values.


Don’t have a full time mARKETING team? You need a well-planned mARKETING  strategy delivering your key messages to your key audiences. A well-executed and bespoke mARKETING strategy will build your brand and create THE RIGHT opportunities for your business growth.


I host entrepeneurs for a 3-hour master-class which includes workbooks,
home-made cake and a 30 minute review. follow-up
sessionS ARE then held by phone or Skype. Each master-class
allows in-depth discussions of real issues.


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ManAging Director 

- Denise Rawls

The Hackney Hive is my boutique business strategy and marketing planning consultancy.
I work with organisations of all sizes who want
to grow their profitability and influence.

After joining the civil service at the tender age
of 17, I spent nearly three decades working my way from casual admin assistant to numerous senior roles in communications including
Head of Press at The Insolvency Service and Chief Press Officer at Ofsted. After starting my own successful part time business in 2010 I was
keen to develop my business acumen and joined UK Trade & Investment as Head of Local Investment. While there I worked with local government partners to help them attract more foreign owned companies to set up in their locations. I left Whitehall in the summer of 2016 to start The Hackney Hive and help even more organisations grow.

Shape THE future OF YOUR BUSINESS with A sharpER FOCUS and refineD PlAns